My Holy Grail Autumn Palette


You can tell why I named my post the holy grail by the state of my palette. (And you can also see which colour is my favourite haha) I've been loving the brand Sleek and this palette for a long time now, I reckon since February - I did a post on it when I first got it but I deleted it. The name 'Au Naturel' says it all, the colours are nice and earthy and very natural, which means they're perfect for Autumn. 

As always, Sleek delivers with pigmentation and wonderful coverage, the colours are also pretty easy to blend. You have the standard black, white and grey which I like to make a smoky eye with, you have the three glittery colours. (I love to use the top right hand one and they're great for special occasions) And lastly, the dark and light matte colours, and I mainly use the light ones.

The only downside is that the applicator doesn't last as long, and mine is basically disintegrating. Apart from that, it's my go to palette for a more natural and less in your face look. (See my bright palette review here) For £7.99 it's perfect value, especially when so many bloggers are comparing the palette quality and packaging to NARS and MAC. And for a poor soul like me, Sleek is the next best thing. I'll be teaming up these colours with my cosy jumpers and coffee, and I warn you to have an extra applicator at hand!


Sleek 'Au Naturel' Palette / Superdrug - £7.99


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