The Benefits of Lush


   By now, you guys should be aware of my growing obsession with the holy grail of natural skin care: Lush. As I always write reviews about the products, I thought I would talk about the brand as a whole, and why I love it so much. I'm sure that everyone one reading this will know that Lush is a handmade cosmetics company that specializes in natural and beneficial ingredients. I won't go into the history or the ethics, but focus on the products.
The main reason why I'm so obsessed with the brand is because the products smell amazing, the prices are reasonable and they work really well, considering they have no artificial chemicals and all natural products. They also support other countries by raising money and using the best produce for the products. Think of ingredients like fruit, garlic, avocado, limes, oats, almonds, seaweed, honey and banana - yeah, you're on the right track. I particularly love their shampoo and conditioner as my hair has never felt softer, and I find it really easy to rinse out the bubbles. (The ones I'm currently loving are the Big Shampoo - with coarse sea salt -  and American Cream Conditioner - with fresh strawberries) Because it's all natural (It's hard to say another word haha), it's very unlikely that you will get an allergic reaction.
 If you aren't aware of what they sell, well it's everything to do with the body that you can think of! Bath, shampoo and conditioners, lotions and creams, soap, gifts, makeup, face masks and loads more. I personally, can't get enough of the classic bubble bars and bath bombs as they're so cheap and too good to resist. Recently, I've been using the Cosmetic Warrior Face Mask and  Strawberry Feels Forever Massage Bar. (Which you can find in this month's archive) They contain all the goodness of strawberries, natural oils, garlic, almonds and tea tree, and both have made my skin soft and helped me to combat niggling pores.
Whatever you need, you can find it! Though the brand is more expensive with certain products and especially the makeup, you can easily come out with nearly eight things with £30 - if you stick to bath bombs, face masks and little pots. The aroma walking past is too much sometimes and I just have to spend that last £5 that's been hanging out in my purse and buy a bath bomb.
Here are my top 5 Lush products that I can't live without and you guys need to try asap!:
- There'll Be Blue Skies Bubble Bar
Contains frankincense, patchouli and natural oils to take you away and calm you down. The best Bubble Bar ever to be honest!
- Granny Takes a Dip Bath Bomb
Beautifully colorful and smells divine with pepper, fresh lemon and ginger. It's fun and will brighten your day.
- Sex Bomb Bath Bomb
My go to bath bomb when I want a nice pink bath with Jasmine Absolute, and it has a pretty flower that floats around.
- BB Seaweed Fresh Facemask
Amazing smell and it feels fresh and makes your skin so so soft.  And of course it has bits of seaweed in haha.
- Big Shampoo
The name says it all, it's a big pot of goodness with sea salt and makes my hair feel all soft, easy to brush and clean.
Fresh ingredients, natural oils and huge amounts of benefits.. That's why my obsession is growing very rapidly, and I need to stop this post now or it will go unbearably long...
If you're obsessed like me, what do you love about the brand and it's products?

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