Halloween | Look #1: Living Dead Electra


Seeing as nearly every blogger and vlogger is having a go at the Halloween looks, I thought I would give it a go. Inspired by velvetgh0st's Halloween make-up look, I decided to create a look based on Marina and the Diamond's song "Living Dead". I'm going to give you a step by step and feel free to recreate it and mix things up. :)

Firstly you will need all these products, ah there's so many but they all play their part in the look. Here is the list with links to the products:

1. Blend in your foundation and concealer then fill in the eyebrows and finish with adding some powder all around to set it all into place.

2. I then took the dark pink from the Sleek palette and applied it over my eyelids, I then carried it under my eyes. I also added the purple on top and did the same, I put enough so it blended into a purple pink.

3. Taking the black from the other Sleek palette I went over the lids and blended it in, I added more purple on top to even it out. Then I put a little under the lids. I took the Rimmel Scandal Eyes and did a layer on the lower lash line, then I used the S&G Supercat to do the top lash line. I finished off the eyes with a load of mascara.

4. I applied my blusher and also added a bit of the grey from the Sleek Au Natural palette to make me look more dead. I applied the Rimmel lipstick and finished the look with drawing a tiny heart with my Supercat liner. Voila, A La Living Dead Electra.

I hope you liked this little tutorial, and if you want to try it, give it a go! :)

Next week, I plan to do a scarier look, have a great Sunday!

Link to my inspo velvetgh0st's video as cred:

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Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx