NYC Eyeshadow in NY Tribute


You might be aware (or not), that I have a serious love for eye-shadows and lipsticks, and I think just adding a pop of colour can change everything! I bought this little quattro set from NYC in Superdrug last year as a sort of treat, I remember having a spare few pound coins and getting a lipstick as well. (Might do a review on that later this week) I've only used it twice, but I decided to try it out again.

It's actually a really tiny palette and the colours appear very natural on the eyes, though it's not as pigmented as I would have liked - well, it is a cheap buy - you can make it build able. What's also great is that you can add them together for a layered smoky effect and appears not too in your face. This would be perfect if you don't like wearing really dark or bright colours. The applicator is quite cute as well, and it applies well compared to other cheap brands. Though I still think the Sleek applicators are the best but they have the tendency to fall off...

Overall, it's a lovely cheap and cheerful buy, and really if you don't like it, it doesn't break the bank. And to be honest, it's the cheapest thing I've bought make-up wise, and it's manageable but I would want to stick to what I love and that's Sleek. :)

Have you tried an NYC product before, what did you think?


NYC eye-shadow in NY Tribute / Superdrug - £2.99

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