Autumn Favourites


It's a little too early to be honest with you guys to do a monthly favourites (Ok, maybe by about eight days...), but as I've been loving this season so much, I thought I would do an Autumn favourites. It's not a huge mix, and kind of stereotypical for this season, but it's amazing all the same.

For once, I'm glad to see the sight of these cute balls of orange. And after seeing a few recipes on home made pumpkin pie and bread, I can't wait to get my hands on one and bake! They smell so good as well and it also makes me feel excited for Halloween, where I know that I will once again spend a night on YouTube with my face painted while my friends party the night away. #sadlonelyintrovert

I feel that as the days get shorter and it's more darker at 7am when I leave for Sixth Form, there's more chance to see a sunrise, and what a sight they've been for the past two weeks, all nice and orangey yellow. The one pictured above made the sky all purple and orange one morning - lovely.

Autumn Leaves:
I love this time of year because the leaves turn red and brown and fall off. Kind of makes me want to stick my feet in a take a pic... which I did do. But you know it's Autumn really when a tree's all twigs and surrounded by maroon brown leaves - and there's seas of them everywhere. So much so that there's always piles on the sides of the street waiting for my inner child to jump in them! (Of course I resist because it's not the done thing to do when there's actual school kids around going home *sad face*)

Pumpkin Spice Lattes:
Ahhh, I love this Autumn beverage! I tried it for the first time this year as I avoided them last year as I thought they would be disgusting, oh how I was so wrong. They are so beautiful filled with pumpkin syrup and coffee, covered with cream and sprinkled with pumpkin spice. I've had three so far this month and I plan to have more soon before they discontinue them. Love it, and I would actually buy it all year round if it wasn't for just one season.

What are your Autumn favourites? I bet they aren't as stereotypical as mine haha.

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  1. I've never had a pumpkin spice latte....but i do like pumpkin soup.... xx

    1. That's one thing I need to try :)

  2. I love the colors of the leaves. I think it looks so warm. Great post.



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