Zoella Beauty Mini Haul


As a major Zoella fan - you could call me hardcore as I can't go a week without watching her videos - I couldn't wait to get my hands on two of her products, from her new range Zoella Beauty. If you've been living under a rock, let my explain the range. On Monday, Zoe Sugg aka Zoella (probably one of the most popular bloggers/vloggers in the world) released a beauty range for pampering: a lotion, fragrance, bath fizzer bar, shower gel, a candle and two make-up bags. I had to wait a week as I was sadly a peasant, and I had to use my £5 on pumpkin spice latte and cake. (It was essential to try guys don't judge...)

I got the Zoella Eyes Makeup Bag and the Zoella Fizz Bar, which I must say, are massive and the fizz bar is heavy and feels like a rock. The make-up bag is a lovely size and I was very happy it was worth the £8, as I managed to get all my travel essentials and more inside - think deodorant, spray, balms, cream, a mirror... Her eyes look gorgeous and I love the colour of the bag, I think it was clever how they used her eyes from the picture on her youtube and blog, so it's is branded and instantly recognisable as hers. The outside is nice and shiny and smooth, which makes it easy to clean if you get a bit of eye-liner on it.

The Zoella Fizz Bar is such a heavy and cute thing, definitely my favourite product out of the whole range, as I'm a Lush junkie and just love the bath bombs haha. The fragrance, that spreads throughout the whole range, is beautifully floral and subtle, which is perfect for me. And I want to get the candle and the fragrance next because of it, well done Zoe on that! There are eight squares which can be used for up to eight baths, or four if you want to use two, the bar is very thick so I think one's enough - amazing for £5 to be honest. What I really love (a very popular word in this post haha), is her signature logo and the 'Z' on the bar. It's all so Zoe and if you saw her vlog from the launch, or her launch post, you would have see how her personality was extended to everything.

I love both products and I can't wait to use the bar. Her popularity is proven through the fact that the range keeps selling out online, so when I put the link in the bottom, you need to be quick to order. I will certainly buy the rest and repurchase the bar, I've put my full trust into the quality of the range.

Zoella Eyes Makeup Bag / Superdrug - £8
Zoella Fizz Bar / Superdrug - £5

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  1. Hello my dear, can you please tell me the exact size of the Zoella Makeup Bag? I can't find it anywhere :(
    Thanks a lot, A.

    1. I would forget - your pics are beautiful! Very well done :)


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