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I thought I would bite the bullet today and show you my make-up, as I always think everyone else does their make-up better than me. I went for something natural to fit in with the season. This what I've been going for the past few days and I've gotten into a habit of only putting eyeliner on my top lid.

My lips look obviously out of shape in these photos, this was due to an accident where I tripped over a fallen road works sign and let's just say my lips have never been the same since... Though in real life, you don't notice it, my camera just likes to highlight my imperfections.

I don't go all out on my make-up usually, I stick to dark eyeshadow/light lips or visa versa. Though I might experiment and do dark with dark. No matter what eyeshadow it is, I always put on two layers. It's probably one of my most basic looks but it's just easy to put together in the morning before sixth form. Apart from the eyeshadow, everything else is what I love to put on on a day to day basis. (The lipsticks are one of the best and nothing can beat them to be honest!)

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  1. you look gorgeous i love that eyeshadow! id love it if youd comment back xx

    1. thank you so much, it's one of my faves :) x

  2. Very beautiful! And i don't see any imperfections honestly. :)
    Love the makeup xx

    1. aww that's so kind of you, thank you so much :) xx


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