Why I Love London


Next Saturday, I'm popping up to London with two of my friends. (Who are two of the most amazing people I know!) And I thought, I love living in this city so much, that I had to make a post about it. I'm going to base it on the previous trips I've had, and maybe it'll inspire you to come and visit or love London all over again.

There's something about being able to hop on a train or bus and be there in an hour. Usually, me and my other friends get a bus straight to the London Eye, we don't have to worry about changing and we can just chill. It feels so easy and we have more time to explore!

If you like to save the junk food for special days, you'll love that there's Mcdonalds and Starbucks' everywhere! We always pop into a Starbucks for coffee after McDonalds. So, you're never short if you need to a top up of coffee or fries. Note: I found four starbucks around South Bank and Trafalgar Square - a coffee addicts dream.
The Sights:
 Even though I'm a Brit, just going past the London Eye and other iconic places makes me so proud. Convent garden is my favourite as it has a cute market and cobbled streets. (There's also a Snog and American Apparel near by!) I instantly become a tourist and take pictures for my instagram - you'll see my early pics are mainly of London. :P

 I love love the shops in Oxford Street and Convent Garden. You have MAC, Burberry, Selfridges, Urban Outfitters and oh, another load of Starbucks'. I love popping into MAC to gaze at the products and take pics of the designer shops. Selfridges is makeup heaven even though I'm too much of a peasant to even afford two lipsticks haha.

Special Displays:
London is amazing for special displays, my favourite by far is the Magnum's 25th anniversairy on Regent Street. There were balloons and a special window display in Selfridges. They gave away free ice cream the week after I went. *sad face* If you ever visit South Bank, have a look out for the cool graffiti as they were part of a festival and are pretty creative!

The whole atmosphere of the city is so busy and relaxed at the same time, I love the fact that I can stroll around and take everything in. When me and my friends get a Starbucks, we usually pop over to Leicester Square and sit down by the fountain and watch the world go by. That's what I love most about London, it's easy to socialize with my friends, and it's so good to get away from everything.
 That was a nice short summary, but means a lot to me all the same. I hope you liked this short different post, and if you want me to document next week's trip, comment below. (I'll do it anyway haha)
If you love your city or London, I would love to know why! :)

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  1. I could spend hours at Selfridges without buying anything. It's just so entertaining to look at all the beautiful stuff! :)

    1. I know! I love the clothes, but the make-up hall is amazing! I've only been once but I would love to go again, it's so posh and nice :D


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