The Palm Tree Collective #3


Another month has gone, and now it's Autumn omg. I thought I would put this series at the beginning of every month as when a new month comes, I always get excited to do the next post. This month includes some beautiful makeup which I really want to create, pumpkin spice latte which is the best drink ever and Marina Diamandis, as it's her birthday this Friday! (Hopefully she's doing a live stream! :D)
Have an amazing month and enjoy this month's tumblr pics! xx
Grid One (L-R)
{Tropical Showers • So Done • Blue and White Travel • The Coffee Times • Autumn Sunrise • October 3rd}
Grid Two (L-R)
{Californian Ferris Wheel • PSL • Fashionably Unhealthy • L.A • Berry Eye • FROOT}

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  1. i love these pictures! all look so fab together!


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