A Mini Guide to the Perfect Lush Pamper Evening


Hola guys! (Yes, that's my new greeting to you all and I hope you like it haha)

Ok, I know I promised to post part two of my festive story, but in all honesty, I haven't had time to finish it and I was in the mood to do this sort of post. You all must be thinking, sigh another Lush post, but I love Lush and you can swap these items that I'm about to write about for similar products. So prepare to pamper yourself tonight - or tomorrow - and take a moment to appreciate one of the longer blog titles ever! (Maybe)

In response to my previous post, taking time out and looking after yourself is one of the most important things. Ever. And pampering your body can also help calm and ease your mind. I have picked my favourite parts of a pamper evening which are coincidently Lush products - so you can't say I could have used other brands because Lush is all I have! The photos are in step order and the products featured really help to prepare me for a truly relaxing evening, which usually consists of reading, music and Instagram. I would have inserted photos of me demonstrating the products in use but sadly a. my mum banned me from having a bath and b. my face mask was mouldy. Yeah I only used it twice, forgot about it and then decided to use it again, until I opened the lid. Anyway, here goes...

1. Rid of the make-up and slap on that face mask
This is quite an obvious step. So after taking your make-up off, cleanse your face and then get a bit of that lovely face mask and lather it on! I felt from my brief experience that the Love Lettuce was really good, but what gives top marks is the BB Seaweed so give that a go for fresh smooth skin. Leave it on for as long as stated, then rinse off. You can also use something like the cheap face masks from the drug stores or their own brand if you aren't prepared to pay around £6.50 for a Lush one. 

2. Run the warm toasty bath and drop the bath bomb/bubble bar beauty in
The next step is to have a lovely bath, especially as it's now winter, it's important to keep warm. And the best bit is that the Golden Wonder is a Christmas product. I haven't used it yet but I'm told it has two little surprises inside when it fizzes. Can't wait to use it! (Or use your favourite bath cream) Also, take a book or tablet in so you can read or catch up on a TV show. This will hopefully distract your mind so you're concentrating on the present and taken away to another world.

3. Blend in the essential oils of a massage bar
After the indulgent bath, rub a massage bar into your hands and as it melts spread it over your body so the oils come out. My one is a sweet strawberry one which smells amazing and makes my skin soft and helps me feel relaxed. Or a lotion will do, and I recommend the Palmer's Cocoa Butter oh my!

4. Wash your luscious hair in amazing hair products to end the evening
You can swap this to the first step if preferred, but on a pamper evening, I like to leave my hair till last so I can dry it quickly. I'm loving the American Cream conditioner right now, and the Big shampoo is in that blue bottle pictured. You can use whatever you want though, but I think adding the hair into the mix makes you feel really good about yourself and fresh from the bath.

I hope you've all enjoyed the post, and maybe want to treat yourself now to a session of your own. I know I'll be using these tomorrow myself and then I'm having a takeaway after. Yaay burger and chips. I also want to say I'm not sponsored by Lush to do this, I just love the brand so much that all my hair care and bath things are from there haha.

You can find a similar post here, where I talked about my actual evening routine - though it has changed since the summer. You can also look at my beauty tag to see the other (numerous) Lush posts I've done.


Golden Wonder Bath Bomb - £3.75
Love Lettuce Face Mask - £6.50
Strawberry Feels Forever Massage Bar - £5.95
American Cream Conditioner - from £4.50
Big Shampoo - £12.25

Have a good evening guys and I'll see you tomorrow xx

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  1. this sounds amazinggg!! i am so stressed out with uni work atm this sounds like exactly what i need! id love it if youd comment back http://www.amyelizabethfashion.com/2014/11/hydratenaturally-with-vita-coco.html xx

  2. Who doesn't love Lush? I've been trying out most of their Christmas products lately, but I haven't tried out the bath bomb you have!


    1. I'm using it tonight so I'll tell you if its good x


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