Photo Diary #3 | 5 Good Things


Hola loves, this weekend has been quite ok even though I never did much. Apart from the sickness and killer headache, it was relaxing, and as I write this, I'm currently listening to some Christmas music haha. Even though the past weeks have been hard, which you guys know, I wanted to take 5 good things out of this weekend and make sure next week is better. (Because tomorrow is the 1st of December *OMG*) Also, I hope you like the pics that I took over the past two days, I can't wait to get a new phone next year so they'll be better quality! Enjoy this post and have a good week. xx

1. I just had to wear my gingerbread man Christmas jumper this weekend with my favourite leggings. I also wore the Mockingjay bracelet which I got from Camden Market - it's been ages since I wore it and only because new film came out haha. What made me happy was a girl in my local supermarket commented on my jumper and how much she loved it aww. This little jumper (or rather big as I had to get it in a medium rather than a small, but I love how it looks nice and baggy) will be worn a lot for the coming month.

2. I had another Starbucks Christmas drink and a slice of cake today. You've just got to love a gingerbread latte and cake slice. I thought it was a nice end to my weekend and I am currently so obsessed with coffee, especially at Starbucks. I think if I ever got a job there, I would need to declare it asap.

3. One of my close friends was so sweet and texted me to see how I was. Being honest, I said I wasn't too good and being a lovely friend, she said she would be there for me. Also, we're going to chill in Starbucks Wednesday, which I'm looking forward to. I'm just happy I have a friend like her and I love her to bits. <3

4. I had a nice little pamper evening last night which involved a face mask, a bath bomb (featured below), washing my hair, and just forgetting about everything. I used the Golden Wonder and it was so nice and my bath turned green, and I just relaxed with some tumblr. A nice meal of burger and chips followed which was a nice treat.

5. Lastly, it's the end of the month, I can forget about this month and move forward. Soon I'll be off for Christmas and I won't be in Sixth Form for long once the New Year is over. *eek* Also, I can finally start on that chocolate advent calendar I have haha.

I hope to do some weekend posts like this in the future, so comment below if you like this idea. And thank you for being amazing readers on my little blog, I love you guys. xx

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Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx