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A lovely shot of the beautiful homemade natural facemasks yay
The kind Kyla over at kyladelilah tagged to do this amazing tag, so I thought I would make this a lovely Monday post to cure the new weekday blues. I love Lush so much, so this tag is basically a dream to do. *Yay* So onto the tag questions... :)
1. How did you get into Lush?
It started last year when my friend got me a bath bomb for my 16th birthday from my friend. It was so lovely and it was the Father Christmas one aww. But don't ask me how she got it when my birthday was in May.. But then again, a different friend bought me a bubble bar and a bath bomb for my birthday. And that's when the obsession began, and I haven't looked back since and I've probably spent over £80 on Lush this year haha. (And I've asked for a gift box for Christmas because why not?)
2. How often do you go to Lush?
Whenever I feel like it, but generally every three weeks as there's one near my Sixth Form in the town centre. But I only buy something when I'm running low on products or desperate to buy something to fulfill my desire for a Lush pamper evening.
3. What is your favourite all time product?
That's quite hard, but if I had to live off one for the rest of my life it would have to be the Brightside bubble bar which changed my life. (Ok, maybe not but it was one of the products that gave birth to my obsession haha)
4. What's your favourite soap?
I am yet to venture into the void of soap discovery, but I feel I don't really need soap seeing as I don't go mad over things like Simple.
5. What's your favourite bath ballistic?
Straight up it has to be Granny Takes A Dip, it's colourful and has the most beautiful scent as it's made of ginger. And what truly sold me the first time I got it, it took a while to fizz and that's what I liked so I saw all the colours emerge. Ahh beautiful.
6. What's your favourite bubble bar?
See number 3. :)
7. What's your favourite shower gel or jelly?
 Snow Fairy! It reminds me of strawberry laces and I will deny anyone saying pear drops, because it just smells like strawberry. I love this so much and I think the smallest bottle goes a long way and it will take me till Spring to finish it.
8. What's your favourite skincare or hair care product?
Does the Big Shampoo count because it's amazing and I love love the scent, the salt and the results I get when I use it. I bought it in August and I've still got enough left for two washes and it's nearly December, so it's a seriously good investment.
9. Your go to product in the morning?
I never use Lush products in the morning, but I think it would be the Snow Fairy again as I can just use it in the shower and feel ready for the day ahead. Plus I can be a walking strawberry lace during the day. (And I'm still denying that it smells like pear drops)
10. A product you regret buying?
Nada. Not one, I love all the ones I've bought and I'm never disappointed with any purchase. Though what I regret is wasting a good product when I'm not really in the mood so I don't enjoy it as much.
11. If you could invent your own Lush product, what would it be? (description)
Are you guys ready? A chocolate bubble bar with dead sea mud. So it will include all the standard ingredients to make the bubble bar, then I will have something like Cocoa Butter and Cocoa powder with Dead Sea mud. So it will moisturize your skin and cleanse out your pores and de-stress you. The name would be Cocoa Cleanse. (Oooh - Lush you're welcome)
So that's my lovely little tag and I hope you enjoyed reading it and if you love Lush, go ahead and do it, but don't forget to tag me in it to say I nominated you.
I officially nominate Katie over at thebeautystorm, as she tagged me in a previous tag. So check out her blog because it's cute and unique. :)

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