New Year Beauty | Sleek Garden of Eden Palette


I picked up this palette yesterday on my little Christmas shopping spree and I thought it would be perfect for the New Year. I've already got a couple of  palettes (Au Natural and Ultra Brights) and the pigmentation and quality has always been amazing for the price. These are basically all I use and I was attracted to this one because of the greens, golds and browns which I can easily blend together for a nice look or on it's own.

I've only ever used seriously out there colours in the summer, so having this palette with more muted ones is going to go well with my red/pink lipsticks. Sleek has always been a brand I can trust with their eye shadows, and for £7.99, I'm probably going to buy the whole collection haha. (Not much I can say for their other products though...)

If you want more info you can read the first review I done here, but if you can't afford the likes of NARS ans MAC, you should totally go for these in the drug stores.

Have you tried some Sleek palettes yet?

Have a good day guys xx

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  1. I really want that eye shadow palette haha, I have vintage romance and just got oh so special but I really love the colours in that one.

    1. I've used every day since I got it, and I have to say the gold one in the top left hand corner is amazing!

  2. I've got the au naturel palette! Haven't seen this one before but want to try it now! Looks lovely x

    1. It is very, though I might have to warn you, the actual applicator does fall apart after a while. So it's handy to use an eyeshadow brush instead. xx


Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx