The Hello Gorgeous Lush Gift Box


Hola :) Before I begin on talking about this beauty, I just want to officially welcome you guys to the new look design on my blog for the new year! (Well, as new as you are going to get if you can't splash out on a professional theme from pipdig *sad face*) I hope you like it as much as I'm proud of it - I mean just look at the cute pug aww, the sources of the illustrations are in the declaration on the side bar so you can jazz up your header too if you want! Ok, back to the whole reason why I'm writing this post haha...

I got this beautiful box of goodies as the main present yesterday from my parents, where on opening - or looking in the bag in this case - caused me to squeal in delight haha. There are five little goodies in this bag, which you can see about in the second picture. I'm allowed to be lazy and give you the descriptions as a picture because it's Boxing Day. But in all honesty, on opening this box of goodies it smelt like heaven, and that saves me a trip to the shop tomorrow. There's so many scents I don't know where to start, but my instant favourite is obviously The Comforter, it's scented with blackcurrant and it lasts for four baths yaay.

There's also a 10g sample of the Gorgeous facial moisturiser which in full size costs £40, woah. I'm going to use this sparingly because it would be mad to waste it. The Vannilla Dee-lite body lotion and the Rub Rub Rub shower scrub are the ones I got most excited about, because I've never used these and I want to see how they turn out. (I'm usually one to stick to the Palmer's cocoa butter and the shower gels) I was sold by the sea salt in the shower scrub and the Sakura bath bomb looks so good too eat.

One of the best presents I have received, and I can share the price because I knew before hand haha. I also got two little lush boxes from other members of family, so I'll do a review on those in the New Year. :)

Have a good Boxing Day guys, and I hope yesterday was amazing! x


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  1. This looks like a really lovely box, I actually just did a post on the lush boxes I got for Christmas too! Your blog is looking lovely by the way.

    1. Ooh I'm going to have to read your post! And thank you :) for once I'm fully happy with the design haha x

  2. i love this box! both bath bombs are amazing!

    xx angela | the sunday chapter

    1. I know I'm so so happy haha it saves me a trip for a good couple of months :)


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