Winter Wonderland | BEST DAY EVER!


Yup, that's right guys. This lovely picture heavy post shows exactly what exciting things I got up to at Winter Wonderland yesterday. And in all honesty, it did not disappoint, as the slightly fuzzy pictures off my phone show. When me and my friend got there, we went into the entrance by the market (i.e. the Angels Christmas Market) and oh my what a treat. I'm not trying to sound cheesy in any way but there was so many cute stalls I couldn't breathe. There were stalls with masks, sweets, Christmas jumpers, cute gifts, Christmas decorations, ornaments, jewellery, food and accessories. It was a feast for the eyes, and the bottom picture shows an amazing hat I found which had ears, it was so soft and I wanted to buy it, but because we just arrived I didn't want to spend £20 straight away. (It was fate because I went to get it at the end but it was gone *sad face*)

There were too many food stalls selling hot dogs, crepes, pancakes and churros to choose from. There was even a pizza stall! We decided to try churros to see what my other friends were fussing about. They were ok, but I found the chocolate quite sickly and I thought the churros were too chrunchy - it was nice to try but never again. We got McDonald's and Starbucks after though haha. The fun fair was really sweet and I went on the massive rollercoaster pictured and it was so fun and fast, I would have paid 6 tokens any day. We also jumped on the carousel (where the guys there judged us but I don't care, I bet you guys would join in too!) and the giant wheel. The view was epic at the top and we got to see everything and there was some Buble playing in our pod yay.

I didn't have a go at the ice skating in the end, but it was fun to watch other people have a go - though there were quite a few couples haha. But all in all, it was so worth the money and the atmosphere when we arrived was amazing. It didn't even matter that we didn't go when it was dark because you could see the lights anyway, and I could take pictures for this post. Luckily, we left when it was starting to get really packed and we did everything we wanted to in about 2 hours.

If you're from London, and haven't been yet, you guys need to go! It was like Christmas Day before Christmas Day and that's because of the trees hehe. But do take the maximum of £50 if you want to do a lot of things, I only spent around £30, but that was for the food and rides alone. Thank goodness the toilets weren't paid for haha. I might do a post on what I got up to after because we came out around 12pm and we went to Harrods and Regents Street. That might come tomorrow or this evening so look out for it. And to be honest, I think the pictures speak for themselves. :)

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