Eyeliner Problems


-- Do you ever just give up on
the day when your eyeliner fails --
Today is a different kind of post as I wanted to make it more lighthearted as it's nearly the weekend. It's about eyeliner problems and I'm sure most or even some of you can relate, because it may be girl problems, but we can laugh at it, So here we go...
1. When you use eyeliner pencil, it ends up halfway down your face by the end of the day. Creating that perfect panda look.
I don't know if it's just me, but every time I used eyeliner pencil, I would have to rub it off and do it again halfway through the day. All because it decided to travel down my face and create a whole new look that was so 1999.
2. When you use liquid eyeliner, and you accidently lose precision, blink and a huge line goes across your eyelid.
It's happened many times, but luckily it doesn't happen so much now. But it used to get on my nerves, but I have mastered the art of clearing it up if it goes wrong. Just use a cotton wool bud and rub it on the area, it should come off, then reapply a bit of eyeshadow.
3. When your eyeliner pencil breaks, you sharpen it, then it breaks again.
Life ends when that happens, because soon you'll have no pencil left to do that eyeliner. This is the sole reason why I avoid pencils now. Though I still have a few stashed in my makeup tin.
4. When you start a new pen you're not used to and it creates a huge blob or massive line.
Then you have to either take it off and re do your eyeshadow, or adapt to the line mistake and put up with a thick line of eyeliner for the rest of your day...
5. When your pen runs out halfway through application and you have to either scrape it on or run it under hot water.
This particuarly happens when I don't have a replacement, and if the hot water situation doesn't work, I have to use the pencil. Ew.
I can't think of any others, but if you relate what are your pet peeves for eyeliner?
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