Late 2014 Favourites


-- I know it's a late post and everyone's done it
already so please don't kill me --
What a lovely time to have a blog for nearly a year, I'm sure by now you're mostly aware of what I've been loving. Some products have been featured already on here, and a couple of others haven't. But the ones I've put in I have been loving for a long time, and I would probably go back to them because they're all amazing quality products. Hint: they're also from the drugstore ooh. Let's get into it then yay.
Sleek Eyeshadow Palettes:
I have now acquired three of these so far, and in all honesty they are so pigmented and beautiful that they're the only things I've used all year. With 12 colours in each palette for £7.99, I have created so many wonderful Summer, Autumn and Winter looks, I just can't... The ones I have are Au Natural (pictured), Ultra Brights V1 and the Garden of Eden palettes. I plan to carry building my collection - while adding MAC into the mix haha.
Nivea Cleanser and Toner:
I've gone through three bottles of these and just rub it onto my face, then use a cotton pad to take off my makeup. It's honestly amazing as it takes off most of my makeup, and I think they're better than the wipes. By far. And then I just finish off with the Simple Facial Wash. It's a nice soft cream and is gentle to the skin, so my face doesn't feel rough by the end. For around £3, it's the perfect alternative, I don't think I'll ever change product again.
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer:
Since buying this and writing a post expressing my little disappointed view, I've warmed to the product. I can't imagine living without it, I apply it every day on my under eyes where I look like a zombie, and on that niggling spot on my chin which isn't actually a spot. I like the thickness of the formula and it blends well into my skin, but it sometimes leaves a mark, so when I finish the current tube I'm going to get the light colour instead of medium.
i for beauty Blusher and Eyeshadow Brushes:
In a sentence which gives all the information you need to know I have to say: These are basically Real Techniques dupes with the design and performance. Amazing and I got these for £5.99 each at TK Maxx. I do not regret anything.
Soap and Glory Archery Brow Tint And Shaping Pencil:
Holy Grail of brows, oh my god. I can't describe how much I love this product, my brows have never looked so good and they look so perfect. Strong eyebrow game comes out when I fill in my brows with the pen then outline with the pencil. Perfection for £10 and worth every pound as it lasts for 6 months straight - wow.
Soap and Glory Supercat Eyeliner:
I was searching for a good liquid eyeliner, and failing with the Barry M one, I found this. 6 months later, it's still going strong and I use it every day. I prefer it to the pencil eyeliner and I don't know how I lived my life before this product. £6 is amazing value, so if you're looking for a good liquid pen eyeliner, this is the one!
Witch Stick Blemish Balm:
To make this short: the oils from this makes your spots disappear within a day to two days. For around £3, it's high quality and one of the best products to sort out outbreaks and infestations. Holy grail for three years straight now.
Rimmel Kate Moss in 107:
The cult fave of the blogging world, but I do actually love it. The colour is perfect, and even though it's matte, it doesn't dry out my lips. I bought this lipstick before I knew everyone loved it, so good going for me then. £4.49 is amazing value but I have a feeling if I get a similar colour from MAC in matte, then it'll knock this one off the shelves. But we'll see...
The Body Shop Born Lippy Lip Balm:
I got this as part of a Body Shop gift set for my birthday in May, and I haven't stopped using it since. I actually prefer it to Baby Lips as it mends my lips quicker and preps them for lipstick while I do my makeup. I'm literally just finishing it now, and I might try the Lush ones to see how they live up to it. I don't know the price, but if you do pop in to The Body Shop, make sure to pick one up.
Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick:
I recently discovered these, but I had to throw them into this list. They're so moisturizing and they keep my lips soft, the colours are also fabulous. I have three now, and I'm so excited by them I need to get more. Great value for £7.99 each, and they have little little bits of sparkle in aww. Go and grab if you're in Boots next time!
Rimmel Wonder'Full Mascara:
Best Mascara Ever. And I've totally ignored the fact that it contains argan oil. I literally love this product because they make my lashes longer, fuller and nicer. I've gone off the Falsies now and I find cheaper mascaras don't work as well. I'm looking forward to trying the Benefit They're Real! Mascara to see how good it is. But for a drug store product, this is the best thing you can find for £7.99.
And that's it guys, what were your 2014 favourites?

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  1. Sleek eye shadow palettes are just the best, I love them :)

    1. I know, I can't believe they're so cheap as well! x


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