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I was spurred on by the wonderful London Callings, who did a post on the previous edition of this publication, to buy Oh Comely. I bought the latest one as I was intrigued by the minimalistic presentation and design of the magazine. It's a British magazine that's run by a group of friends and I just love the way they write. It's witty, interesting and sometimes captivatingly fictional - if you understand that. The issue I got was issue 23 which is about the 'great indoors', and it features contributions from loads of people about interiors, homely feels and journeys. I don't want to say too much because I would be telling you about the whole issue.
£4.50 for quite nearly 200 pages is amazing, and I love the vintage, indie like quality of the photos that they feature. It's very pinterest, and the day I got it, I was probably engrossed for a good couple of hours. There's stories, witty recipes and a little selection of DIY and fashion - perfect. I've actually strayed away from Cosmopolitan and Heat, I don't know why I got them anyway. And in contrast to the cluttered layout of those popular magazines, Oh Comely becomes a breath of fresh air. (Though I might buy Cosmo every once in a while, but I don't know)
Hopefully the photos I took gave the issue justice, but for some reason I feel they don't and you're going to have to see for yourself. If you don't like the idea of this one, you can wait for the next one. It's a monthly release and the topics they focus on are completely different to another. It's like loads of portfolios that you can buy and just enjoy reading. I saw the previous edition in WHSmith the other day, so after I finish sixth form, I'm going to try and grab it before it's gone. *fingers crossed*
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