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-- Purchases like these are actually 
essential in a girl's life --

As I'm out all day tomorrow, I thought I would add in a little extra post for tonight. This morning I popped into Lush to get some essentials. Only two products I've had already, and they've done wonders for me. (Big Shampoo and the D'Fluff shaving soap) I won't say the price sum, but I will whisper it to you if you want haha. But in my defense, I actually needed these things as the last time I got anything like it was just at the beginning of the summer. *Woah*

Firstly, I had to pick up the Veganese Hair Conditioner. I'm just on the verge of finishing the American Cream after 6 months, and I was attracted to this because of the lemon and herbs inside that makes your hair and scalp healthier. I'm quite looking forward to using this, so I might give it a try tomorrow and it does smell quite nice because of the lemon mmm. I also should add 250g is enough for me if I wash my hair twice to once a week. (Please don't judge me)

250g // £8.95

The Tea Tree Water came next as I finished my Simple one, and I wanted to see how the Lush one weighed up. All these products I'm buying are replenishing things I need, I promise haha. Even though my skin is relatively smooth and clear, I still like using a cleanser and toner to keep my skin clear. Recently, I've felt my skin was particuarly yucky and this product sounds quite fresh and nice. I'm planning to apply a small amount each night to clear my pores after applying my Simple face mask. If it works better than the Simple one, I'm sticking to it!

100g // £4.25

I had to include a picture of the next three as they just look gorgeous. I picked up the Mint Julips lip scrub next as I have a tendency to have dry flaky lips when I'm nervous ew. So this scrub made of caster sugar, peppermint oil and all that good natural stuff can exfoliate my lips and prep them better for lipsticks yay. Also one amazing thing is that it smells exactly like after eights. I literally will be inhaling this every time I use it, and no I will not turn it into a drug. But on a serious note, I do think it will work and I look forward to the forthcoming months.

25g // £5.50

I bought this before already and it's the best shampoo ever. The first thing that sold me was three words: coarse sea salt. It works wonders to my hair and makes it so soft and fluffy. I went through this quicker because at the beginning I got a bit excited and used too much, but I'm going to pace myself this time. There is only one size, it's quite pricey but honestly you will be thanking Lush for the invention for it if you give it a try. Therefore, all I can say now is it's the best shampoo ever.

330g // £12.25

Lastly I got this shaving soap, and again, I've used this before and I haven't used shower gel to shave since getting it previously. I probably cut my skin every time I shaved while using the shower gel, but using this came to a grand total of once - out of 30 times. (Probably, it's an estimate) It's perfect, you just lather it in your hands, smooth it over where you want to shave and away you go. I still have some left from my May purchase, so this product proves that you get what you pay for. And another bonus is that it makes your skin so soft at the end.

70g // £5.75

What have you guys bought recently from Lush?


ps. I did find the previous issue and featured it here, it's so so good! *anticipates for the next issue*

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