Nails of the Week #1


-- Starting this little series with an 
ultimate brand fave --

Yesterday, my mum treated me to this little 60 second nail paint called District-ly Come Dancing from one of my favourite brands, Rimmel. I don't think the name has any relevance to the dancing show on BBC. My camera made the colour come out much lighter than it actually is but in reality, it's a deep turquoise. ( *gets on hands and knees* I'm sorry for the misleading, please forgive me) It's an absolutely beautiful colour and perfect for brightening up my nails for the spring.

I must admit, I have gone through about a couple of weeks with nail paint free hands, and just purely because I wasn't enticed by my current collection to paint my nails. But receiving this new colour yesterday, it encouraged me to add that splash of quick drying goodness. And, these paints are amazing as they last for a maximum of two weeks - that's when they start chipping off. Perfect for a spur of the moment application.

What nail paint are you guys loving right now?


District-ly Come Dancing - Rimmel London / £2.99

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  1. I feel you on cameras changing the colours of things, sometimes my camera will make something look a completely different colour - it's so annoying. I love this colour though, Rimmel formulas are my favourite for nails!

    1. thank goodness I'm not alone in that haha x

  2. Love the color. I've never tried Rimmel nail polish. How's the staying power?

    1. staying power a maximum of two weeks x


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