Someday Summary


-- Let's have a sit down with a beverage 
and talk about life --

To be fair, you can't really count my photo diaries as update posts as I just talk about random photos for one particular day, and the lifestyle posts I do, I feel are more tips and I can just relate it to me. I just wanted to sit down, relax and type up about what's been going on in my life. I mean it's my blog after all, and it's fun talking to you guys. So lets make this post, not an official series, but a once in while thing where I can just let my thoughts flood out.

Today was Faith Development Day in my school and we reflected on the future and the past revolving around going through experiences. It was a nice relaxing day to spend with my friends while making bucket lists, letters to our future selves and talking about where we would like to be. And it actually managed to take my mind off the my subjects as everything has been overwhelming recently.

I'm looking forward to the Easter Holidays, yes, I will have to knuckle down and get some revision done. But I can't wait to relax and not have to go to school at half six in the morning. Also, bring on the easter eggs, because who doesn't like bunnies and chocolate? Nom nom.

I'm having trouble reading a book. No, I can read a book, but I lose concentration so I just give up after three pages and I don't know what to do because I used to read a book every week. What happened? We will never know, but I need to choose one to stick with quick before the next 'book club' post.

I have some serious blog design envy over some of my fave blogs, and as you can see, I keep changing my theme. Oh hello new header and page font. Also, can one of you tell me how to add a drop down selection bar because it goes crap when I follow a 'simple' tutorial aarrgghh.

On Sunday, I made my favourite double chocolate cookies, and they were gorgeous with Bournville in the dough and pieces of Cadbury Dairy Milk in mmmm. I absolutely love baking and it's a nice reward to eat after writing  half an English essay. (I also gave some to my friend and her sister - oh and my mum)

Also, a little hint on that my birthday is coming up in six weeks oh my gosh. I can't wait and I honestly hope that April flies by. 

How was your week so far?

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  1. I am the absolute same when it comes to the theme of my blog! I get super indecisive and can never choose which theme to stick with.

    Jess Heart

    1. haha I'm so glad someone understands :)


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