The Palm Tree Collective #6


-- This month has been about 
craving for summer --
 Hola, I have to say this round up of my favourite tumblr images of the month involve summery photos of palm trees and sunsets and... well you get the gist. I'm just at a point in my life where I'm in limbo, and I just crave the summer months and the warm weather where I can be free from stress. Tumblr has basically been my escape because all the popular blogs are reblogging these pictures, and it's been amazing! Also as a side note: I just reached 800 followers on there and that's amazing, though I've had it since year 11 haha. (But tumblr's hard to gain followers though anyway) If you want follow me, go to the link on the top of my page, and message me on tumblr to say you came from my blog and I'll follow back. Here's the pics for this month, enjoy! xx
Grid One (L-R)
{Pastel Trends • Urban New York • Tropical Escape • Cotton Candy Evening • Lana Del Rey • Summer Style}
Grid Two (L-R)
{Barred Sunset • Rustic Indulgence • Summer Memories • Cali Casual • Palm Beach • Blonde Jared}
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    Big fan of the the bottom left pic as well. Her hair and jacket are ace.

    I can't wait for Summer! Wish I still had school holidays though :( would make it all much nicer if I didn't have to still go to work haha! xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. Ikr, they look so delish! And don't be sad, I'm leaving soon so it'll all be over for me too haha :)


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