Pinterest Envy #3


-- Second installment of the month because 
Pinterest is too good not to love --

Hey, a rhyming phrase to start this month's installment, ok, this is supposed to be for tomorrow, but I couldn't wait. I've been loving Pinterest too much recenty, and I wouldn't have believed it if you told me that a year ago. (I made the account last year, had no clue how to use it and abandoned ship) Now, I'm obsessed with looking at interiors, food, fashion and most importantly summer and New York pics.

I've really love simplistic fashion with denim and plain tees thrown together to make a casual stylish look. And florals are super cute. You also have the NARS, my love of succulents and a couple of interiors. Oh look, a bit of rose gold! *holds breath in admiration* The top left pic is from Timberyard, a cool coffee shop in Convent Garden that I'm dying to visit so I've been pouring over pictures from there the whole month. Now, I present to you a run down of the March pin highlights! (Wooo!)


Grid One:
{Timberyard | Denim In Spring | Succulent Camouflage | Star Studded Pie | Anna | Modern Clutter}

Grid Two:
{Simplistic | Tropical Dreams | Rose Gold | A NARS Obsession | A Successful Quote | Oh New York, New York}


pinterest: pizzapparel


Do you guys have pinterest?

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Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx