Brighton Photo Diary


-- Oh how I do like to be beside the seaside --

Yesterday I went to Brighton with my friend and her family - as I said so excitedly in my last post. We popped on the train straight down to Brighton Station and walked down to the beach, and of course stopping off for some Mcdonald's. Thank the sun I had the £1.99 vouchers haha. We chilled for a bit, and then popped over to the pier while taking photos along the way. I also showed my friend the lanes which is my favourite part of Brighton while I had a lovely expresso ice cream from my favourite ice cream shop Boho Gelato. You might have remembered my little review of it from last year, which you can see here.

I thought, as a blogger, I needed to create a photo diary, just to prove to myself how amazing my day was. (If you don't have pictures from the day, is there any proof you went?) So, here you go guys, an array of photos to set your eyes on...

The waves coming in on the beach. It was so pretty and blue, but very cold as I stuck my feet in at the edge. 
You could say, the infamous Brighton Wheel. Never been on it though.
Carousels always draw me in. Denying your age if you're over 16 is best if you want to go on.
Pretty seashells that caught my eye. And look at my lovely shoes. #echelon.
All I will say, it sure is.
Beautiful rings on the pier. Not really a ring person, but they were lovely to look at.
Tried to make this a cool arty shot. Did I succeed?
I love coffee, I love cake. This is perfect!
Me. Thinking about life.
Espresso and salted caramel ice cream. Boho Gelato wins every time. 
More sea shells. These looked pretty by the sea, but they were more expensive damn.

I hope you liked this post guys, I tried to make it different with full size pics, but if you prefer them in four pic grids just comment below.


Also a side note, I've reached 150 followers on BL and 10,000 blog views omg thank you! I'm literally speechless... 10,000 people have seen or read my blog aah.

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  1. I love the style of these photos!! What did you use to take them/edit? Brighton is one of those places that I'd love to visit, especially at this time of year x


    1. I used my phone and had put the sharpen up halfway on vscocam to make it decent so the camera quality isn't that good and then I just edited them on the app :) and yeah Brighton is amazing at spring/summer time x

  2. Wow what wonderful photos! I love all of those shells, such pretty colours :)


  3. gorgeous photos...look like polaroids! I love Brighton, it's so quirky! xx

    1. thank you :) and I know I love it and I hope to move there when I'm older x

  4. Great photos! I'd love to visit one day!

    1. It's really busy, but a lovely place to chill x

  5. I love your photos! In all honesty, I like how the big pictures better than the 4 grid ones. This was a pleasure to read!

    1. aww I'm glad, I'll do keep this style then x

  6. These photos are so flipping gorgeous! Looks like you had a lovely time <3

    Carolyn x
    Carolyn’s Simple Life

    1. I did thank you and I'm so glad you liked the photos xx


Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx