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-- This month's essentials include... --

 The other day, I went out for an essential shopping spree in Boots and picked up these three products. (I also got a Soap & Glory product so I got the 3 for 2 offer, but I'm saving that to review for tomorrow) I honestly could not live without these products, and look, I got my first ever real techniques brush! *Eek*

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
I always get this powder in Transparent and I apply over my foundation with a brush. It does what it says on the packet, and makes my face look less shiny and more matte. For £3.99, it's amazing quality for money and you only need a little bit to set on your face, because it covers so much of your face in one application, but you can easily build on it if you have oily skin. But, I honestly wouldn't change it for any other product, and this will probably be forever my powder holy grail.

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush
I could rant on forever about how I practically discovered life with this. I've only used this twice, but I see now why it's one of the most popular brand of brushes. The expert face brush is firm and captures every bit of my powder. I had to replace my Clinique one as it was practically past it's sell by date, bristles all over my face, bits of powder everywhere, it was a mess. I have no regrets on spending £10 on this, as it was much needed and I'm looking forward to buying more as the other brushes I have are only replicas of Real Techniques. (And they're not even that soft compared to the real brand!)

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser
I have never used a primer until I tried this, and I can't put foundation on now without dabbing a bit on my pore infested nose. (That's a nice image for you there...) As it says on the product, it is lightweight and preps you skin nicely for foundation. It's also great for helping your foundation and concealer to stay on, as I also apply a bit on my dark under eyes. I did a little review on it here, and since then I've loved it even more. Once again, for £7.99, you get what you pay for. May I also say, a little goes a long way as I've just about finished the first ever tube that I got at Christmas. Hell Yeah.

What essentials are you guys loving this month?


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  1. Anonymous13/4/15

    I'm keen on trying the pore minimiser as I have a 'pore infested nose' too haha! Sucks right?

    Thank you for the recommendation !

    With love, Hayley x

    1. you're welcome and I know, it actually does! *cries*

  2. 2 of my favourite products! I haven't tried the primer yet! I keep meaning to but I get easily distracted in Boots xx

    1. I know what you mean haha, I nearly bought a lipstick because there was a special offer and forgot about my primer till I looked at my list! (Trying not to spend too much is so hard as well!)

  3. I have been loving and using all of these for such a long time now and are products that I always seem to go back to! x


    1. yay, I'm glad someone else loves them ^_^

  4. I have all three of these and I love them a lot. Some of the best things at the drugstore :) x

    Phoebe’s Diaries

    1. I have to agree with that haha x


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