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-- This book is the way forward to  
being calm and collected -- 
I've had my eye on Calm for about a month now as I first saw it in Waterstones when it first came out, it intrigued me with the graphics, quotes and the general look of it. I flicked through and read a couple of pages, and it reminded me of those self-help/advice posts that bloggers do. I could also compare it to a mindfulness pinterest board haha. With some of my birthday money, I picked it up yesterday and then realised it is so much more than pretty looking photos and words on a page.
Written by the guys who founded the Calm app, they give tips on how to find happiness and calm amongst the rush or life, the stress and anxiety you might be experiencing and the continuous need to catch up on social media. They give an introduction on how to meditate and concentrate on your breathing, doing activities that keep your mind clean like pressing flowers and colouring in books. Adult colouring books though, and they said you can pick some up from Tate Modern, so I might go along in the summer.
I wouldn't say this is an entirely spiritual book, but it's certainly a step forward towards it. Within the pages there are ways to relax like the obvious turning off your phone and concentrating on the person you're with. There's also a section for adults to teach children about mindfulness by putting glitter glue, water and food colouring in a jar. I love the style of writing in this book, it's not a dictating guide on what to do, nor is it a bore to read. It's a wonderful book that you can continuously dip in and out of when you need to take time out from life.
After going through this book, I've been recommended to try The Power Of Now, it sounds interesting and something that I want to try because of all the stress I'm feeling on top of feeling fed up with everything. I need a refreshing change, and this book right now could be the one. It's a total change from my usual purchase of John Green or a horror novel.
Would you guys ever try a book like this?

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  1. I love the look of this - sounds like the perfect thing to have around exam season haha. Plus it's beautiful too.

    1. It actually is, it's filled with plenty of tips x

  2. Aw this does sound like such a lovely book, I really love the look of the illustrations and how colourful it is as well

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. It's probably the only one I've actually bought because of how nice it looks haha

  3. I didn't expect the book to be about any of that for some reason. I haven't tried the app but I've seen it talked about in a couple of videos, I thought it might be a lengthy in depth book! May have a little look into this xx


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