Four Things To Do #1


-- On study leave or need to chill? Then read 
this post to find out more --

I admit it, I totally stole this post off HelloOctober, but I just really love the idea of giving ideas that you enjoy doing yourself. I know this post is kind of late, but I needed to get my Business out of the way so I could relax after. With a hectic four weeks of revising in front of me, I've got to remember to slow down and relax. I thought I would share four things that I do to help me relax, so without further ado...

Have a coffee break
Make one from your beloved Dolce Gusto machine - because they're the best - or grab a friend and take a trip to your local coffee shop. Having an hour to yourself with a mug of warm sweet yet bittery goodness and chat or watch the world go by is the best way to chill. My new Starbucks favourite is a flat white - coffee and milk with no syrup. Perfect if you want a kick but don't want the sugar. I do love my coffee machines though as it certainly does a good latte macchiato and cappuccino. Mmmm.

Escape in a book
Lose yourself in another world and fall into a flood of words that will inspire you. I love reading books from fiction, to biography and recently I've really gotten into self help books. I don't know if that's because I enjoy reading blogs that give tips and advice, but I find them really interesting now. I recently have strayed away from reading, but gradually getting back into it. The books pictured above is a purchase from today, and I'm going to do a first impressions post on one of them tomorrow yaay.

Buy new clothes
I'm not saying to become a shopaholic and buy anything and everything when you need to chill, but do when you actually need clothes. Recently, I went to Primark and spent £60 straight up on clothes I really needed for the summer. I forgot about everything and was so concentrated on getting the perfect shorts that time flew by and I ended up really happy for once with what I got.

Have a meal with friends
Ok, I went out with my parents to have the meal pictured, but going to places like Nando's and Five Guys allows you to catch up and have amazing food at the same time. So, if you're busy just incorporate your lunch with a friend and boom - social life sorted. I really want to go to Five Guys again soon, so I might need to book a trip next week.

I hope you guys liked this tips/personal post, and do comment if you want to see more.

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  1. I'm probably the biggest ambassador of the coffee/tea break. I spend too much money on coffee haha

    1. same, but I'm not complaining :P

  2. Such a lovely post idea, you really can't beat a good old coffee date with friends! And oooh I MUST try five guys sometime soon!! X

    1. surprise, I'm going to five guys today haha :D

  3. such a lovely post. I often forget to do this when in busy periods like revision season! I'm craving a massive clothes shop, I need something to get me ready for the summer! xx

    1. thank you :) and go for it x


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