Pinterest Envy #4


-- Give your eyes a break and just stare
at these mesmerizing pictures --
This month has seen a lot of greens and nude shades seep into my pinterest boards and I am still extremely obsessed with the app. I've been inspired to have a go at some lovely recipes in the summer which will hopefully extend my culinary skills. Because I don't want to live off cheesecake, cookies and lemon meringue pie all my life. Though they are fun to make. Tropical still reigns though a lot more pugs and fashion have come in. Denim and hipster/hippie glasses are galore. (I even bought a pair from Primark for £3 and I might just do a little fashion post on them this week)
There are also too many brownie recipes taking up my food board which is amazing but also frustrating as there are too many to try. I'm also still into interiors and I think now, as an 18 year old, I have pretty good vision of how I want my first place to look. I'm thinking a lovely London flat near central - a girl's gotta dream. Anyway, here's this month's installment hurrah...
Grid One:
{Green Paradise | A Healthy Pizza Paradise | Nala the Pug | Coachella Dreams | London Hipster | Summery and White}
Grid Two:
{Cuteness. Period. | Oreo Brownies Galore | That 70s Show | Denim | DIY Collage | Healthy Noodles Nom Nom}
My pinterest is pizzapparel, and you can go to it from the my social bar at the top. If you have pinterest and I don't follow you, comment it below and I'll check it out.

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  1. I love Pinterest at the moment. It is so great for putting all your ideas together and making a mind map of the projects I want to undertake during the Summer.

    1. that's a really cool idea, I have recipes, travel bucket lists, fashion I love, etc.

  2. These pictures are amazing. I love pinterest but I don't really use it that often. I tend to sort of have moments where I spam it like crazy then don't go on it for ages haha x

    1. thank you :) and I'm tending to do that more often but I still love it :D


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