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-- Praise to the one and only
Soap & Glory --
Everyone talks about brands like MAC, Nars and Urban Decay like it's the best brands to grace the beauty world. I admit, the MAC lipsticks are amazing. But no one ever really enthuses about Soap & Glory being the best. And I have to put my foot in and say it is amazing and can compete and beat with every brand out there.
Based on the products I have already, it provides top brand worthy quality and makes me look 10x better than when I woke up. I.e. a dead sloth. You've seen me review these products, and after months and months of use, this brand has been the main one for my makeup. The Thick and Fast mascara beats Benefit's Rollerlash hands down. You will never get a better mascara than this, I'm so serious that I've fallen out of love with my Rimmel Wonder'Full forever. The Supercats liner never fails to give me strong eyeliner game and it's guaranteed to do what you want it to do.
The brows: the Archery kit and pencil are amazing, my brows always have a subtle filled in look which isn't too in your face and there's no trying to make it look natural. Because the product does it for you. Also, I love the highlighter in the brow kit, it's amazing (I keep saying that sorry) and I apply it under my brow bone. Lastly, the blushers, pigmented, shimmery and perfect for giving you that rosy glow you want. It also saves me from looking pasty and horrible.
Soap & Glory products also last months on end, so there's no worry on when to get a new one, and they certainly are manageable and make you look a million dollars. Trust me when I say, I will be sticking with this drug store brand for a really really long time. The brand is a little pricey, but there's a reason why.
What's your favourite drugstore brand?

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  1. I LOVE Soap and Glory!! The packaging is super fun and the products are just great (:


    1. The packaging is also really cool too, I have to agree


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