Empties #1


-- What have I loved in the space 
of practically half a year? --

All this you see above has taken me a seriously long time to use up. And the reason why I'm writing this post is because these products are amazing, and I just need to share it with you all. I can honestly swear by these products, so do give them a look into. Think of this as a May favourites, because if I actually did a favourites post, it would be the same products as the previous posts and really really boring.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water
The beauty world exploded when Garnier brought out their own Micellar Water. And rightly so, it's taken me four to five months to use up and I used it every day. I soak a pad and wipe off my makeup with it. It's probably the easiest product to use and my makeup comes off straight away, so worth the £4 and something I spent on it. It's a massive bottle and goes a long way, as you can see.

VO5 Heat Protect Serum
My mum actually gave this to me because she couldn't use it, and I've been loving it. I pump some into my hand and spread it through damp hair. It helps to make my hair really soft and smooth when drying it with my hair dryer. I thought it would be sticky, but it's just a gel like liquid that is easily manageable. I might need to repurchase it because it's worth the fuss and works better than the cream I used to use.

Lush Big Shampoo
This is my second pot, and holy moly is it good. Full of coarse sea salt and shampoo goodness, my hair has never been better. I don't know if it's because of it's natural ingredients, but my hair stays softer for longer and it certainly feels stronger and never goes greasy. Got a spare £12, treat yourself.

The Body Shop Chocomania Shower Gel
I got this as part of a birthday gift last year, and I only just finished it now. Took me a while. The shower gel smells too good to eat. It's a good product and it was lovely to use. The downside, it's smaller than the smallest Lush shower gels.

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser
The best pore eraser I've had. And the only. I've repurchased this already, and sets my foundation and makeup beautifully. I love it and I really want to get the Benefit one to compare if this is is actually as good as I think it is.

What products have you guys used up and loved?

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  1. Anonymous29/5/15

    I love the baby skin! I have gone through so many tubes!

    1. glad I'm not alone bc I feel like all everyone talks about is the benefit one x

  2. oooh I love the sound of the shampoo, must smell so fresh afterwards! xx

    1. I do and it carries on for the whole day :D

  3. The Lush shampoo sounds amazing! And baby skin is really good, I agree! x


    1. it is, and I feel lost without it, I had to use Herbal Essences today and it didn't feel as good :(


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