The Charlotte Skinnydip London iPhone 6 Plus Case


-- Say hello to a beautiful new case 
that will grace the back of my phone --

Firstly, F it. I'm going to write a post while I wait for Bloglovin', so hi to followers from there if you're only seeing this post pop up on your feed after days of waiting.

On the day I got my lovely new phone. Yes I got the massive iPhone 6 Plus and I don't regret a thing. I popped onto the website and looked at Skinnydip London cases. They're the new brand that's becoming really popular and sell cases for iPhones 4 - 6 Plus for wonderfully cheap prices. I got the Charlotte case for the iPhone 6 Plus for only £12 - and that saved me a lot compared to the £30/40 that I would have had to pay in the Apple Store.

Their office is in Camden (my favourite place ever) and they supply Topshop Oxford Street with their cases and I've seen some in Debenhams, so if you don't feel like buying them online then you can pop in there. I ordered it on the Saturday and I got it on Thursday the week after, so it was relatively quick for a standard delivery.

I love the designs they do for the phone cases, and this one suited me perfectly. It's clear with cute hearts, and I wanted to show off the gold on the back of my phone. It has phrases like the legendary 'So Fetch' and 'Mondays Suck'. I also love 'I love Unicorns' and 'Part Time Blogger'. There's loads of other cute cases with cacti, unicorns and the increasingly popular liquid and glitter ones.

You can find the whole range here, and they're so much more stylish than the cheap and nasty silicone eBay ones and the extremely expensive Apple ones. I know I'll be keeping mine on as long as I have my lovely phone because it's so glittery and pretty.

What's your favourite phone case brand?

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