3 Ways To Use Instagram For Your Blog


-- This post isn't saying you're crap but it's saying 
make your account more amazing than it already is! --

I'd honestly be lying if I said I didn't go on Instagram every day and plan my feed. When I'm out with friends, family or alone at home I'm always looking for something to edit and upload. Only very recently have I been integrating my blog posts into my account. I've decided that it's a long life love of mine - blog included. So I've taken to do everything I can imagine doing to make my Instagram look as appealing as my blog. Here's the following five things that I'm planning to do and so can you!

1. I think one of the most important things is stressing in your bio your blog, I've just stuck loads of emojis along with my bio. Not only did I explicitly show my love for pugs and coffee, I also said what kind of blogger I am along with my link and youtube video link. It's important to add some personality to your bio instead of stating you're a blogger. I feel people will get to know you a little more with this first impression.

2. When posting a blog photo and saying 'Hey guys, new post up on my blog!' I'm starting to try and create a blank location tag with my blog link. I do this buy switching off location services so it doesn't show where I live and putting in my blog address so it shows just below my user on a photo. People will know where to head and nothing will happen if they try and click it so your location is safe. It's a genius hack and it really helps if your photo ends up on the recommendations page.

3. Have a little theme. I know every one says this but seriously, I can't think of one person who doesn't. I've started using F2 as a theme with bright and light backgrounds mixed with the dark. I think it makes it look cleaner and also more appealing to the eye. I actually hate Instagram filters and I would be telling my year 10 self now to stop using that vile Mayfair filter and downloading VSCOCam asap. I think this way then, people will get an idea of what your blog will be like if you take care of your Instagram well.

So those were my three little tips, I hope you gained something from it and I wasn't rambling on about nothing haha.

Do tell me if you do this already :) x

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