The Sunday Summary #7


-- The week involved the usual doses of coffee, 
pizza and loads of pugs, but here's a summary anyway --

I feel like the only great main event this week was Tuesday when I went to London with one of my friends. I did a lovely photo diary on the day and you can check that out here. Other things included stewing over what work experience to do while I wait and continue to apply for apprenticeships and getting my exam results. *eek*

Cookies Galore:
Yesterday I baked 10 beautiful cookies that were so crammed with milk and white chocolate that they became a mountain of melted gloriousness. (Is that even a word?) I feel like I'm increasingly improving in my cookie making skills, if that's even possible but I stir the butter and sugar for longer and leave them in the oven for 12 minutes now. And they come out even more perfect than the last batch I baked. I'm going to share them with my aunt today, but I don't think she's aware that one cookie has the power to make you feel like you've had two big bowls of them.

Made in Chelsea:
Of course, how could I not include the fact that I went to King's Road last week in Chelsea. It's such a beautiful area and I would love to live there, but you know property costs in London these days... I think my favourite stores there include Lush (duh!) and Anthroplogie. And I'm going to keep going on about that shop until the cows come home.

Peace, Love & Frogs:
This was my outfit of the day yesterday and I got this lovely hippie style top from the Rainforest Cafe in Nashville. It was so so cool, and no I didn't become the travel blogger I could have and took loads of photos for each occasion so I don't have any photos to show of it. But take my word for it, it was seriously so cool, why doesn't the UK have anything like that?!

My parents knew my obsession about pugs was serious, and they got me the cutest card ever as a congratulations for exams. I passed and I was pretty relieved to finally have it over with. I've literally fallen in love with this cutie, and now she's pinned to my pinboard along with some pinterest images that I printed out. I also received money which I'm planning to save for my trip to Brighton. Because why the hell not!

How was your week guys?

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  1. That picture of the pug is so cute!

    Heba xx || The HebaBloglovinInstagram

  2. Huge congrats on passing your exams lovely and really want to get Tanya's book it sounds amazing every time I see other bloggers talking about it <3

    Jenny | Krystel Couture

    1. Thank you so much x And you really need to! It's actually amazing! xx


Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx