15 Thoughts We Have On Pinterest


-- Cheer up your Monday morning along with the 
sunshine with this lovely lighthearted post --

Ages ago I did a 10 thoughts I have as a blogger post, and it hit me that I go on and on about pinterest in many posts but I've never done a post where I put down my thoughts - which many of us could share. So, along with this glorious sun, I thought we could kick off this Monday as a fresh start with a relatable post. I presume many bloggers like me that are obsessed with beauty ideas and interiors would have a pinterest account. If I'm wrong you can throw me to the hell hounds. #supernaturalreference. I hope you enjoy it, and do tell me if you have any of these thoughts...

1. Right, I'm going to get loads of recipe ideas for the future.

2. Omg these look so nice, I must try them! *pins loads of baking recipes and one healthy one*

3. Wow, these interiors are goals. I should probably pin some of these to get some ideas.

4. Omg how am I going to achieve my dream interior, where am I going to live?!

5. I need to do some more DIY, y'know, be more creative. Oh look, cute handmade paper clips.

6. I can totally do some DIY for my succulents. *pins* *makes no effort to try*

7. Maybe I should just pin some of my blog photos. Get some traffic going.

8. PUGS.

9. These nail paint designs are perfect for the [insert season here]. I'm going to look so cool.

10. Every photo I find is so aesthetically pretty that I'm just going to stick it in one board.

11. I love summer, beaches, palm trees. 1 million miles away from boring Britain.

12. Ice cream recipes. Everywhere. Yes.

13. Maybe I should add some more healthy recipes. Yes this pasta dish will do the trick.

14. I wish my life was full of real life pinterest things. People are lucky.

15. Pinterest is the best damn app/site ever!

Do tell me if I got it right and you guys can relate! :'D

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  1. Haha basically my thoughts haha. I'm always won over by all the interior pins, SO PRETTY.


    1. Ikr and I was so happy you found one of those ladder things for your post yesterday because I've wanted one for ages :'D

  2. Haha this is so true, expect scratch pugs for all puppies! I'm forever lusting over the recipes and interiors, but never make the effort to recreate them x
    Charlotte's Road

    1. hmm yeah ok :) still into pugs though x


Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx