The Alibi Book Club #6


-- Summer is coming your way in the 
shape of a lighthearted read --

A couple of weeks ago I was shopping with my mum - nothing exciting, just the usual food shopping, and then at the end I spotted this book. It seemed the perfect cure to lift my spirits for the summer as the British weather has been in a mind of it's own and not living up to the traditional hot weather all the time. There were two reasons why it sold me over, ok in fact three: ice cream, Italy and of course Brighton.

From the first page it's a lovely jolly affair, and even the seemingly sad parts appear to be over quickly to give way to more joy and ice cream. It's about two sisters, Anna and Imogen who live in Brighton. Imogen is a photographer and Anna runs the ice cream shop by the beach that their grandmother left them.

Here's the description to get to know more:

"Full of mouth-watering flavours, sunshine and escapist adventure, The Heavenly Italian Ice Cream Shop will delight readers who enjoy Carole Matthews and Jenny Colgan. Anna and her husband Matteo are ready to embark a delicious Italian adventure. After a year and a half running their ice cream shop on Brighton beach and raising their baby Isabella, Matteo is starting to miss Italy. A shared passion for ices means it's easy to settle on a new business idea - they'll open a shop in Sorrento's cobbled square, a short walk from the sparkling blue sea. For a while, life is sweet; but then Matteo's overbearing family get involved ...Anna's younger sister Imogen feels like things are finally coming together - she's living with boyfriend Finn in a beach house in Brighton, and her photography is taking off. Then her career stalls, and the lure of Capri - and a man from her past - prove difficult to resist."

I'm literally on the last few pages so it's only right that I can say that from the first to near the last page, it's really easy to get sucked into the story. Not only would it be an amazing beach read - because of course it's a summer themed book - but if you're from London and feeling fed up of the rainy weather that comes and goes then this is for you. I generally think it's a nice change from the heavy reading that I sometimes involve myself in. (Like The Help and The Time Traveler's Wife) Though, in the coming future I aim to immerse myself in more classics and recommendations thanks to The Book Journal.

I hope you give this lovely book a go as it's not as soppy as you may presume - I promise!

What books are you guys loving at the moment?

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Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx