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Quite a different post today, but I wanted to include something that feels quite personal to me, and hopefully through this you'll get to know a little more about me. Five years ago in October I stumbled across 30 Seconds To Mars thanks to the aid of a good friend. Their music changed my life and to this day they are my favourite band. The lead singer, Jared Leto is now an Oscar winning actor thanks to DBC and I am here to tell you why you need to watch his films.

He has made quite a few over the years but from the ones I have watched stick with me forever. The most recent being Dallas Buyers Club (abbreviated above) which literally made my heart ache for his character. Other favourites include Girl, Interrupted which is now one of my all time favourites because of Angelina Jolie, Winona Ryder and Brittany Murphy. And Mr. Nobody - above.

You're probably wondering why three out of the many stick with me. I haven't seen them all, but these three I feel give a powerful message. DBC is about battling HIV and if you haven't heard about it while it was in the Oscars, then I suggest you research it asap. Jared's character Rayon is portrayed beautifully and you don't realise it but you grow attached to his character and then you feel the heart break. I can't describe it without us both watching it together but that would be a little difficult. The film just really shows how even if someone tries to stop you, you should never give up on something that you believe would help and benefit you.

Girl, Interrupted is based around Winona's character Susanna and while Jared plays a small part, I feel like I've got to know every single character in the mental institution on a personal level. Weird, I know. But it felt like I was only watching it for 15 minutes, and when it ended I wanted to watch it all over again. I can't pinpoint the message because it involves a mental institution, but I guess it's to always stay strong even through the crappy times.

Lastly, Mr. Nobody, a wonderfully confusing film about a man who doesn't really exist. I can't explain it but there's many possibilities to his life and he lives them all and he becomes the world's oldest man. I just find it really sad but the colours and videography is amazing and probably my favourite out of the three in terms of that. The message is pretty confusing and I don't want to try and sound wise or whatever and pretend I do know it. It's different for everyone, but you should value the time you spend with someone, though time in this film sounds scary.

So, I've summarized my three favourites you should watch, and if they aren't a good enough reason then here's two more: he is just really good looking and his acting deserves 20 million Oscars. Also, he's a really cool person in real life which is why I'll always look up to him.

I'm sure you can find these films on Netflix, or at least some. I hope you enjoyed this little post because I was putting it off for ages because I didn't think it 'cool' in the blogging world, but who cares at the end of the day. x

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