So I Went To Lush... (Again)


-- I couldn't resit a splurge before the big 
seasonal reveal for Halloween and Christmas --

Yesterday while in Brighton, I of course had to pop into Lush and stock up. I decided to purchase some favourites and a couple of new ones before they bring out the seasonal stock. (Hint: a sales assistant told me it's October 1st) I spent £40 on a couple of things that I use as a staple and some treats, and this is what I bought. I know it sounds expensive because of the massive pot purchases, but next time it'll be the bath bombs I'm concentrating on!

Cup O' Coffee:
I picked this up because I'm a huge fan of Lush's face masks and the name instantly attracted me. Being a serious caffeine addict, it just made sense to use some. And in fact, I used it yesterday before my bath and it was heaven. It has bits in which I presume are crushed coffee beans and it's just amazing. I'll only use it as a face mask because I just find the thought weird of having it all over your body. Even though it was on the shelf in store, you still have to keep it in the fridge. But that way it's better because you have a nice cold mask to apply.

Of course I had to buy another one. This is probably my third purchase because it's my favourite summer bath bomb OF ALL TIME. It's super pretty inside and out of the bath and I love the galaxy style take on it with the glitter and the colours. Omg, it's just so photogenic.

A favourite from the bubble bars, it has a strong citrus like scent and it lasts for up to four baths. This is actually the first bubble bar I ever tried last year and I always go back to it in the summer, but never any other time of the year. I feel like it's just for the warmer months really.

This bath bomb is part of the campaign to raise money for being able to put tags on hen harrier chicks to track them because they're endangered. I now and then buy these sorts of products, and I thought I would donate money by buying this. It has a really fresh scent and I can't wait to try it!

Rub Rub Rub:
Best shower scrub ever. Had this for the first time at Christmas in a gift box and only now was I able to repurchase the full size again. I can't wait to use it as it actually makes my skin so so soft and the sea salt in it is my favourite.

I just finished my other bottle, so a repurchase was needed as the lemon oil, seaweed and herbal infusions actually work well to make my hair like silk. I love this so much and it's become my new Lush conditioner staple. I think I found the one. I still love you American Cream, but Veganese will always be a fave.

The most simpler and cheaper of the bath bombs but also super moisturizing with a calmer less in your face scent. I like using this when I want to relax and the cocoa butter makes the water and your skin become a blanket of silkiness.

Ocean Salt:
Another sea salt product. I just really love sea salt products from Lush because it's my favourite scent and it actually works well for me as an ingredient. This one is another scrub but contains avocado and jasmine. I can't wait to try it as I've been dying to get it for absolutely ages.

I'm planning to do separate reviews on the ocean salt and skydancer, so look out for them in the coming months along with the Halloween/Christmas haul.

What are your current Lush faves?

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  1. So many things I need to add to my list for next time I pop into Lush - this makes me want to go like now haha!

    Lucy |

    1. I'm partly sorry, but honestly hold on for the seasonal stock!

  2. Ah I love Lush so much, I get excited reading posts about it!! I have Intergalactic just sitting about in my room, deffo gonna have to use it soon! I really love The Experimenter!
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

    1. If you've never tried Intergalactic, do so ASAP!!


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