The Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 Palette


Sorry, you're stuck with a pic of my eyes - I'm crap at swatches
-- Bringing back the attention to the brand that 
everyone was raving about last year... --

Makeup Revolution was the latest brand to come up top last year in terms of drugstore quality. Everyone raved about it and made loads of reviews across the range. One being the Iconic 3 palette, which everyone said was the perfect dupe for the Urban Decay Naked palettes. Being the typical person who oohs and aahs about whether to fork out £30 or £4 for a palette, I finally gave in yesterday. With the £4 I had, I went straight into Superdrug (because that's the only place I know that stocks it) and bought it. And then promptly dropped it when I got out of the shop. Great.

I originally had a £1 'sampler' as you could say from the brand to just try it out, and I was really impressed at how a £1 eyeshadow could apply so easily. (Here's the review from last year on it) I've never used a UD palette, but from the second picture you can gather an idea of what sorts of colours that are perfect for the Autumn - and the reason why everyone compared it. The quality of course doesn't entirely replace the full quality, but for a pretty cheap buy, it's actually really good. I particularly like the gold tones and the berry tone at the end.

I'm wearing the really shimmery gold toned one, and it took a few seconds to apply and that was the result. Of course I didn't use the pad thing that comes with it (I'm so good at describing beauty products) because I used the eyeshadow brush that I had. It's actually a really buildable colour and I can see myself blending a few colours from it together. Makeup Revolution makes a nice change from Sleek because that's all I'm ever using these days. The packaging is generally pretty for a budget product, but of course not as nice as the Sleek or UD ones.

I would recommend this palette if you want a change for the Autumn or you're still deciding whether to fork out the £30. It't not exact, but you can work with colours that are pretty darn close.

Have you tried any products from the brand?

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  1. This look is stunning - I'm yet to try anything from Makeup Revolution but this looks like a great offering!

    Lucy |

    1. you're welcome, and same here because it's not sold super local to me, so I had to travel to the next town over to get it hehe

  2. Those are gorgeous shades! I always tend to go for the neutral range or dark eye shadows, but every now I then I like to do some pink and peachy shades. :)

    1. I'm warning to more pink shades now, so this was really perfect, especially with the golds


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