10 Great Things About Blogging


-- Take a step back, look at your blog, and let's 
recount the 10 best things about having one --

Yesterday I was scrolling through all my saved posts on Bloglovin' (and of course trying to find the autumn ones I saved) and I thought to myself: All these blog posts with their photography are amazing. And then I went on mine and laughed at the early 2014 posts I did. But on a serious note, blogging is an epic hobby and we should be proud of what we all can achieve. So, here's 10 little things we should be proud about being a blogger, even if our site is big or small...

1. We have the awesome power of creating a logo (we don't have to use a premade one, we can get as creative as we want!)

2. We can blog about anything! Providing you do it in a good way, some people might really love your series about what your cat gets up to.

3. We have no schedule to stick to and we can blog to our heart's content. Although I wouldn't bust out 5 posts in one day...

4. We can use our friends as photographers to do our outfit posts. They won't get paid with food, but with our everlasting gratitude.

5. We are our own boss.

6. If we have a writer's block, people love these sorts of listy type posts. (I think)

7. We can improve our writing and communication skills through typing a post over time. Seriously, I was a crap writer when I first started out.

8. We gain confidence, not only in ourselves, but also through meeting other bloggers. I haven't met anyone yet, but hi if you're reading this, I consider you a blogger friend.

9. We can edit photos all day long if we wanted to for our blog. That's my favourite part, I hope I'm not alone in this...

10. We can have an absolutely awesome time with our blog and it's our little baby. No one else understands, but it would break our heart to see it deleted.

Can anyone relate?

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  1. I love the ability for a blog to be a creative outlet and a space online that is all our own but also allows us to build a community and meet other people who also love creating content to share.

    Rae | Love from Berlin


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