Benefit The POREfessional


-- I think it's time to own up to something... I'm in love --

Yonks ago, in fact you can read here, I raved about the Maybelline Baby Skin primer and how it was perfect for me. But recently, I managed to save up £10 onto my Boots Advantage Card and I used it to get the Benefit POREfessional. I wouldn't normally have bought this sample size, but I had the money and I wanted to see what the fuss was all about...

At first glance I was like 'it's just a primer... is this going to do any better?' Well the answer is: hell yes! I've used it about 8 times now and I can confirm that you do get what you pay for and I love how cute the packaging is. Sometimes I think you can get something better from a drugstore brand, but really you can't beat this Benefit Primer.

Let me list the reasons:

1. My concealer doesn't budge. My Seventeen Stay Time is amazing enough, but this primer makes it last as long. With the Maybelline, it starts coming off by lunch time.

2. It looks coloured, but it's transparent and blends in really easily to my skin. My spot infested chin doesn't look half as bad with it on...

3. I just feel it helps my makeup stay on more than it does. It's like charging an iPhone and it charges pretty fast, but switching it to Airplane mode makes it twice as fast. I hope I just didn't confuse you.

If like me, you are skeptical before trying this? Let me say you do need to! You don't need to get the full size, but sometimes it's good to dip your toe into the high end now and then.

What's your favourite primer right now?

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  1. I need to try this primer - I've been using my Body Shop Instablur but this seems great!

    Lucy |

    1. I've forgotten about that? Is it good as well?

  2. I've used samples of this and I absoutely love it! I can't justify the expense for every day use though :(
    Megan x
    London Callings

    1. that's true, I don't know how long this will last me though...


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