How To Slay At Christmas Shopping


-- Are you panicking about presents yet? --

It's very nearly December... How does it fly by?! And everyone's starting to think about Christmas presents... In fact quite a few customers in Lush are stocking up for family. So, I thought instead of my usual Sunday ramblings, I would give a few tips on how to buy presents. Just in case you're one of those last minute people, or you just want fresh ideas...

001: Get as many Christmas catalogs as you can:
You might be surprised to know you can get all kinds of inspiration from these wonderful little festive booklets. I particularly focus on the Boots, Lush and Cath Kidston ones for my ideas. Not only are they my favourite shops, but you can get cute little gifts for friends there. Having a highlighter at hand as you skim through is another bonus.

002: Have a general idea of what your friends/family like:
I hate going in blind to shops, so I tend to think about what my friends and family would benefit from and enjoy. It could be anything from beauty to books - though vouchers are nice. I love vouchers because you can spend it on whatever you want. So if you're stuck, get a voucher from someone's favourite shop!

003: On a limit? Go for the deals:
Boots do amazing 3 for 2 deals on Christmas gifts right now, so take advantage of them. I may or may not have done already... Sometimes if you know some people like the same thing then you can just go all out and buy it.

004: Treat yourself to a coffee after all that hard work...:
Once you've done your shopping and you're carrying enough bags to consider a job well done, go for a coffee. You've done your Christmas shopping! I particuarly love a Starbucks - you know me... But it's up to you!

I hope I merely helped. You can read last year's edition here.

When are you guys planning to buy the gifts?

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  1. Ooh definitely agree with number one, have picked up so many catalogues it is actually crazy!! Also love number 4, I may do that a little too much though... x

    1. same I've reached that stage where I'm buying too many coffees haha

  2. Going for a coffee after shopping is my favourite tip here haha - although I'm sure I'd end up in a coffee shop before even starting shopping knowing me!


    1. Get one for the energy and another for a reward after hehe


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