Marina and the Diamonds At The London Palladium


-- Gimme one more niiiggghhttt --

Last night was a dream come true and probably one of the best nights of my life... I saw Marina Diamandis in concert at the London Palladium! I literally was about to cry when I saw her come on stage because she was real in the flesh (ew I hate that word) right in from of me! I've been obsessed with her and her music for three years straight and a general listener since she came on the scene with The Family Jewels. Those years I don't count because I never avidly followed her until Electra Heart. As soon as I got into her I made a fan account on instagram: @marinaspanda - if you want to follow. And I've been posting every day on there since. Anyway, back to last night...

It was incredible! I filmed my favourite songs and clips of songs of my favourite bits but sometimes I had to stop filming halfway through because the guys in front of me were waving their arms like crazy. I'm not judging, they're having a great time, but I just filmed what I could. For other songs I just took a couple of pictures and watched in awe. Especially "Happy" and "I Am Not A Robot". Her voice is like an angel and she's just adorable, I love her so so much.

I've linked the video I've uploaded today below if you want to watch - they're filmed on my 6 Plus so they're not amazing quality but better than my samsung was with Mars. And I would include some pictures but there's just too many sorry... To see my faves just go to my instagram @franalibi haha.

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