Philosophy and Bomb Cosmetics Haul


-- It's festive galore for pampering time --

It's not a regular occurrence for me to go out of my way and buy two bath bombs and a shower gel/bubble bath that isn't Lush. But I thought, I've been using it too much and I need a break... So that's when Bomb Cosmetics and Philosophy came in. I thought I would throw both brands in one post as they're very similar in scent and usage.

After finishing off my Beauticology products, I remembered that Philosophy is a slightly pricier version of the brand. I decided to opt for Christmas Cookie as I'm currently obsessed with baking scents and anything slightly spicy at this time of year. It's a huge 480ml bottle and seriously, if you haven't seen my latest youtube video, then I need to tell you it smells divine! I've yet to use it as a bubble bath - and you can also use it as a shampoo which I'm intrigued by - but as a shower gel it's amazing! I smell like I'm an actual cookie and the lather from a little squirt is quite amazing. Usually I have to use quite a bit to get mountains of bubbles for a shower. It's totally worth the money I spent, and I hope it'll last ages. (Ps. It also works perfectly with the Soap & Glory Breakfast Scrub mmm)

Next up is the Bomb Cosmetics bath bombs (I mean blasters ahem copyright). Very different to Lush as one looks like the topping of a cupcake and the other is my favourite Christmas scent. I got these a little while ago from a little vintage shop in the shopping centre near my local Lush and there were so many Christmas themed bombs. The two I eventually chose to get were Hollypops which is cinnamony and so beautiful and the other is You Can't Catch Me which smells exactly like a gingerbread bakery. Both cinnamon and gingerbread are my favourite Christmas scents and they make me feel all cosy and Christmas like inside! Lush, where are your gingerbread scented products?!

I'm saving the bath blasters for Christmas week and as I'm off Christmas Eve I think that the gingerbread one will be perfect. The Philosophy product, well, I just want to bathe in the scent all day haha. Expect picture of the bath blasters on my Instagram if it's super pretty...

Have you tried any products from these brands?

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  1. The bath bombs look so adorable aw!

    Lucy |

    1. I know I fell for the gingerbread one as soon as I saw it before giving it a sniff haha


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