Saatchi Gallery Photo Diary


Pots and pans.

-- Getting all contemporary art obsessed up in here --

Earlier this week, after a job interview, I ventured into the Saatchi Gallery to become inspired by some art. It was really refreshing and nice to stand in silence and stare at pieces that half the time I didn't even understand the message of. If there even was none. I thought I would share with you what I saw and at the bottom there's a picture of the post cards that I picked up in the gift shop that I thought looked really cool.

Looked pretty, didn't understand...

Just a room full of oil. Stank but looked really cool.

Me and a parrot. Hi.

Just a bunch of folded up material.

Disney and stuff.

A representation of me getting out of bed on a Monday.

Very pretty and cool clay cows.

the postcards that I picked up. 
Have you guys ever been to a modern gallery?

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  1. love the photos! the last time i went to saatchi they had those giants ants everywhere, don't know whether you could call it art but it did look very cool haha Hannah at WRITTEN BY HANNAH

    1. I remember those ants, they kind of creeped me out haha


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