Dreams of Isolation


-- An ideology of escape --

Another creative post from me. Picture credit: tumblr.

Up until very recently, I've never really read a travel magazine. Not the kind where it's just about Ibiza and the best tourist places to visit with flight deals and corny bikini recommendations. But the independent ones that contain breathtaking photography and each article transports you to the place as if you were there. I picked up Suitcase blind to the wanderlust it contained because I was bored and wanted something to read that afternoon. And that's when I came across the article 'The Cold Road: Unexplored Iceland', it was everything I was looking for. Wide expansive landscapes, beautiful scenery and another step closer to nature.

I never thought I would want to add somewhere like Iceland to my wanderlust bucket list, but Maria Alafouzou (the writer) makes it sound like the most natural thing to go there and avoid all tourist places and find your own peace. Sitting by the fire, curled up on the sofa, I stared at one photo for so long that I think I would have packed my suitcase right there and then. It's natural as a person to want to escape certain events in your life or to just take a break from the repetitive cycle of living. I would want a companion with me - to share it with of course - and to embrace the isolation that such a place can bring you.

To be honest, I don't even know if the picture I've used is of Iceland, but it's stunning and it pretty much resembles everything I want to see. But the only thing that I didn't particularly like about the article, is that the undiscovered parts are now published in a magazine for everyone to see. So of course, there's now going to be more people wanting to go there. First world problems of journalism.

Have you guys experienced any wanderlust over countries like Iceland?

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  1. Funnily enough, I don't think I've ever picked up an independent travel magazine myself, though I've got to say the indies like Atlas are some of my faves. The picture you used is breathtaking and I'll definitely add the place to my wanderlust list in a heartbeat, too.

    What's good about the indies is that, while they've got superb quality, it isn't mainstream enough to be known by everyone, so I think there's still a little hope for you to keep these little secrets covered, haha.

    Isolation is something I'm extremely interested and curious to explore and I love that you embodied the idea into this post. I've just followed you, Fran, and I'm hoping to read more!

    Cheers! x

    May | THE MAYDEN | bloglovin'

    1. thank you for your comment and I'm glad you liked my blog! And that's quite true really, I think that's my favourite part about independents so that's kind of a relief haha xx

  2. I've never thought about Iceland because there are already too many countries on my wanderliust list. But I love cold places, snow and dark forests, and isolation would totally be a treat to myself.

    Not Your Type Blog

    1. Same, I have the typical New York, Australia and Paris on my list but I never thought about Iceland :)

  3. wanderlust* oops

  4. I've heard Iceland is a wonderful place to visit with some many breathtaking sights - I'd definitely love to visit there and Greenland one day!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. oh I forgot about Greenland! I read about the place ages ago haha


Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx