March Favourites


-- It feels like spring --

I can't believe it's very very nearly April. That means it's just over a month till my birthday. Holy moly. This month has been a whirlwind, but I've managed to put together a few products and that have made up my March. I'll be adding a few more in tomorrow's YouTube video on my channel 'franalibi', so be sure to look out for that...

001: Oliver Bonas Ginger + Lime Hand Cream:
Literally only bought this yesterday - you can read the post here - and I'm actually in love. The packaging is so beautiful and it's the type that you can roll as you go through the tube. I never thought my two favourite scents would go so well together, but they do and it's perfect for spring!

002: Mayfield Lavender Oil:
Having had this for around two months, it's what's being going on my pillow before I get to sleep. This post explained it all and it smells so good because it's pure lavender oil and nothing else. I generally use it before bed, and then I settle down with a book and afterwards I feel so relaxed, I can just go to sleep.

003: The 1975:
I couldn't be bothered to write the whole album title, because, let's face it, it's a heck of a long title. (No matter how good it is!) I've been obsessed with this album since the day it came out and I'm yet to write a lengthy review on it, but I can't really put into words how amazing this album is. And "amazing" doesn't even cover it. My favourite song at the moment is "Somebody Else" so give it a listen.

004: Clueless:
If there's one cult film that I'm in love with, it's Clueless. I love this film so much and I've found myself watching it over and over again. Cher is by far my favourite female lead in any 90s teen movie and I think I might just watch it for the 300000th time today. Oops.

005: Kate Moss 110:
One lipstick you need to add to your collection is this one! A perfect orange toned red, it adds a pop of colour to any neutral spring look. I've been wearing this for most of the month and I've received a few lovely compliments. Aw aw.

006: Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash:
For a refreshing and uplifting start to the day, I've been turning to this. It's the classic Soap & Glory scent that everyone loves, and I finally can say I fully agree! It's really put me in the mood when there's blue skies and with this smelling lovely in the bathroom, I'm ready to face what's ahead. I hope that doesn't sound too deep, but it's really amazing!

What have you guys been loving this month??

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  1. The hand cream sounds divine! x

    1. It really is! There were others but I was drawn to this :)


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