Things I Would Tell My 14 Year Old Self


-- Dear me, your makeup will get better --

I know almost everyone who blogs has at some point written one of these posts... I thought I would jump on as well - but with a difference. Here's a very not so serious lists of things I would tell my younger self in 2012. Damn I feel so old. And no, none of it's about taking risks or anything like that.

  • If you think you look like a tired dead sloth at 14 without makeup, don't worry, you'll have the help of some drugstore saves. And when you're 18 you'll only look like a mildly moudly toe without makeup!
  • Your fashion sense will vastly improve and you can easily move away from trying and failing to be a hardcore girl who reads Kerrang! Think more girly outfits and taking inspiration from Zoella and other bloggers.
  • Please, please stop going on Club Penguin. You're an embarrassment to your older self. Why not think about getting tips on starting out on makeup. Then you won't look terrible when you first wear the stuff at 16.
  • You best be prepared for the amount of feels you're going to get when discovering Marvel in 2014. It's going to get real...
  • And no, you're not awkward and antisocial, you're just an introvert who's become an old lady at a young age. Even though you don't like tea, you'll find yourself drinking it at 18 while watching Netflix.
  • Don't know what Netflix is? It'll change your life my friend. In about three years time.
  • Blogging will surround you like a warm hug from a pal. Haha, you kill me. There won't be any blog reading about cheese and films with bad design layouts. I'm talking about your own space and reading A Beautiful Mess.
  • Lastly, the good thing is, you'll finally lose your baby fat at 18 and still be able to tuck into pizza and McDonald's! Hip hip hooray! 

What would you (jokingly) tell your younger self??

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  1. Hahaha, this was so adorable, Fran, I loved it! I remember the good old days of Club Penguin :')

    Definitely (jokingly) tell myself to let my mum dress me up bc as much as I love her and all, my childhood photos won't be looking good when I'm 18, hahahaha


  2. I love posts like this - I also remember club penguin, I was so obsessed!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. Same, I even remember my name! Fluffles haha


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