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I've come to realise that I never post anything super personal on my blog - that's if you don't count the photo diaries and general life updates. Of course, this is my blog and I can post whatever I want but I've never sat down and wrote a rambly post to get all my thoughts and feelings out like a diary. I'm currently reading Girl Online for the 5th time (if you don't know what book that is, are you living under a rock?) and it's occurred to me that I want to share more with you guys. So here's me, in a post, telling you how I'm feeling right now.

001: It's My Favourite Time Of Year:
Firstly, it's come to my favourite time of year - summer! And with the promising weather, (though not so much today) I've been relishing the hours when I can sit outside and lose myself in a book. Think me strange but I love clear blue skies, a glass of squash and seeing planes fly over and wonder where they're going. In the past few days I've been able to whizz through three books and drink my body weight in iced coffee and juice. Life is good. But don't forget to count the lovely hot days out in Central London and soaking up the sights of my home city.

002: My Job:
On the other hand, I'm loving my job. I've never actually told you guys, but after a few failed attempts to get back into Lush (I'm still determined to work for them again), I'm now at Cath Kidston. It's such a flowery, bright happy store that even when it rains, you feel thankful you're surrounded by loud prints day in day out. I never thought I would end up in retail, but I love selling the products and of course buying some for myself. And the colleagues I work with are amazing, we have some good laughs and I always look forward to being with them - also while putting customers first haha. But can you guys believe it's just over a year now since my last ever A Levels exam, and I have a job?! It feels so surreal...

003: Being Able to Travel:
And after the exam, I went straight out to America to see family. Even now I always look back on photos from those two weeks and I feel so so grateful that I was able to travel across the globe. In some ways I do miss the 35 degrees weather there and seeing a pack of Butterfingers in WHSmith makes me wish for American chocolate and Minute Maid lemonade. It's the best summer drink ever. Period. And it's spurred me on to believe that I can continue to travel if I save hard to be able to have these life experiences.

004: Feeling Comfortable Within Myself:
Lastly, if you've been a long time reader of my blog, you would have noticed that my style is starting to change. I'm really happy about that as I feel like I'm finally becoming myself with cute pins, dresses, tops, etc. I feel very girly but also really cool and it makes me feel good about myself - like makeup does. I still love bands and rock music - but you probably wouldn't be able to tell if I was jamming to twenty one pilots in my head while going to work in a floral number... And it's not just music and style, it's also just general life bits. Even if the weather is crap and brings me down, I'm starting to be fully comfortable with myself and my life and I wouldn't change it for the world now.

Comment below how you're feeling in life right now...

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Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx