How To Get Serious Summer Instagram Game In Two Steps


-- Get your Insta game up 100% this summer --

I'm not going to try and make this post like every blogger who writes a tips post for an Insta theme. What I want to do is try and inspire everyone to be as creative as possible with using the popular photography app. For me, it allows me to be expressive in what I love and I use it as a platform to inprove my 'eye' in taking photos - and of course I use it to share my blog posts and videos. It bugs me when some people have amazing photos but really bad filters - I sound so mean oh my I'm sorry, so to write a post that ends all Instagram tip posts, here's the two simple steps you need to have a theme this summer...

001: Document what you want your followers to see and not what they want to see:
Basically don't follow the crowd. Looking at other blogger's theme's, I think I'm really quite different, I don't have perfect flatlays, super clean white edits or pictures of blogger events. I make my account really personal so you guys get a sort of behind the scenes of my life (the idealistic side).

I recommend taking pictures of what you love and capture cool moments you want to look back on, on your account - but of course share blog photos to boost views! E.g. I have loads of pictures of Lush, Brighton and coffee as well as plenty of pics from when I went to America last year, and I love to look back at them from time to time. It helps that Instagram now puts the date it was uploaded under the photo.

002: Edit edit edit! It's all about bright eye catching photos:
Of course don't over edit and make it look unattractive but do it subtlety. In all honesty, I cannot get along with the apps Afterlight or Magichour but I am in love with VSCOCam. I mean every human has it on their phone right? You can very easily download free filters that give an amazing look to your photo and all you then have to do is toggle with the exposure, contrast and temperature.

To get an idea of what you can do, my go to filters are F2 and HB1 which are both free. And I just put exposure on + 2, contrast + 2, temperature - 1 and saturation + 2. If you see my instagram theme here, you can get an idea of how bright and summery my theme is looking at the moment. I also choose key colours for most photos so I like to show some green, blue and pink in my theme so it's able to flow.

You honestly don't need to worry about trying to get followers or more likes (it takes the fun out of it to be honest). I hope I've given you inspiration to be more creative and go along with being yourself. I'm not saying you have to do what I've written, but this is just a guide... If you want filters that flow, I recommend searching filter accounts on Insta - my favourites are @f.ilters and @vsco.princess. Go forth and slay thy followers.

My Instagram: @franalibi

What do you guys love doing to create a theme?

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  1. Absolutely love instagram, thank you for the tips!

    Parie x

  2. Ah your theme is super pretty! I always find it hard to commit to an theme and stick with it. I totally agree about posting what you want on your instagram, some of my fav accounts are the ones that include some personal photos.

    1. aw thank you so much! <3 and I'm glad you agree with me xx

  3. Thanks for the tips! I'm always changing my themes as I can't just stick to one! I'm so indecisive! At the moment i'm going for bright-colourful images, not like these white on whites people are currently trying to achieve!

    1. You're welcome, and that sounds amazing! x


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