6 Must Have Summer Travel Essentials You Need


-- Prepare for the summer! --

I feel like it needs to become a tradition now that whenever it hits summer (or at least July) and the weather is looking up, I need to post a travel essentials guide! This one is not only aimed at the flight ahead, but also for weekends away and when you're actually in your destination. So, let's get into it!

001: Passport: The most important item of them all! Because you actually need it to be able to travel somewhere! But it can also create a great instagram when showing off your tickets and suitcase as well - time to make our friends jealous as hell...

002: Portable Charger: I assume you make sure your phone is on 100% before you set foot for anywhere. But in case it's dying and you have nowhere to charge it - and you need to get some good snaps or check social media - then you need this for emergencies. Plus, you can get a cute one just like my Cath Kidston number.

003: Moisturiser: For the flight, evenings or as a top up, you need to look after your skin. After reading a couple of blog posts saying that going on a plane can dehydrate your skin, I don't think I would be prepared to take any chances. And anyway, it's nice to relax and do something if you're bored.

004: A Book: What would a holiday be like, or even summer for that matter, without a read? A bore, that's what! So before you go off, on when you're at the airport, pick up a book and be immersed in a fictional world. My personal recommendations would be of course the WHSmith Zoella Book Club.

005: Sunglasses: Only because you can create awesome selfies with them and make holiday photos look lush. And you can feel great in them while protecting your eyes from the sun! It's a win win situation guys! These bad boys pictured are £2 Primark ones. Bargain or what?

006: Camera: Digital or disposable. There's nothing better than capturing scenery, moments and just about anything on a device that's not your phone. Disposables are a good way for getting a unique shot that can only become a physical photo. It also makes it more special and wonderful to treasure...

What would be your go to travel essentials?

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  1. I love disposable cameras. They're are loads of things you can do to them to make your photos turn out amazing. I've saw loads of cool things on Pinterest.

    1. Exactly! My mum wants to go to Notting Hill next month, so I'm planning to buy another just so I can experiment a bit with it :)


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